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Абстрактные Итоги Конкретно Плохого 2022

Эго через ЭКО

Инструкция: сделать доверенность заграницей для РФ и РБ

NtechLab — превращая землю в Ад для сограждан.

Обращение к Яндексу от акционера и бывшего сотрудника.

К русским сознаниям 22го.

Бегущим в Грузию, 2022. #нетвойне

Why I Left Lyft

Programming at Home

Fundamental Design Issues of Gradle Build System

Linux Subsystem on Windows for Development?

RxJava 1 → 2: Understanding the Changes


Kotlin: val does not mean immutable, it just means readonly

RxJava: thread safety of the Operators and Subjects

UI Testing: separating Assertions from Actions with Kotlin DSL

RxUi: Talking to Android View layer in a Reactive way

Securing HTTPS in Android/Java apps

How to mock dependencies in Unit, Integration and Functional tests; Dagger, Robolectric and Instrumentation

JFYI : overriding @Module classes with Dagger 2 [in tests]

@Test(expected = BadPracticeException.class)

Android Development Culture. The Document. #qualitymatters

RxJava: defer execution of a function with new operator fromCallable()

Custom WebView HTTP IO is Bad

OkHttp as HTTP Engine for WebView

RxJava Code Review Part 2 (final + bonus thoughts)

RxJava Code Review Part 1