WatchLater: some talks from Droidcon NYC 2016

This is a personal opinion and it includes only some talks I was able to visit myself (usually there were 3-4 talks in parallel).

As far as I know, recordings of the talks should be available in about a month, so you can put this article to some "Read later" queue if you want.

1. "Understanding Performance In The Wild"

From Delyan Kratunov, Facebook Inc.

Great and detailed talk where Delyan describes what tools they use and telemetrics they measure to investigate performance problems in Facebook app for Android.

Highly recommended to watch if you care about performance and not sure how to detect and solve issues happened outside of your developer device and without adb connected.


2. "ADB, Break On Through To the Other Side"

From Eyal LEZMY, Genymobile (Genymotion).

Probably everything you wanted to know about ADB was discussed in this talk: architecture of ADB system, advanced usage of ADB and some of the ADB internals.

Since I'm going to build device/emulator pool system for our CI — that talk was a must have for me and I was not disappointed at all, great job Eyal!


3'. "Keynote: Android is for Everyone"

Was not able to attend this one because room was packed and translation in the lobby did not work lol, "Android is for Everyone" 😅

4. "Looking Ahead to RxJava 2"

From Jake Wharton, Square, Inc.

Great talk, especially if you are an active user of RxJava v1 and want to know main differences between v1 and v2 to plan & prepare for migration.

I believe, that even slides are worth to look at because at the time video will be published RxJava v2 probably will be already released and it's recommended to try Release Candidate versions (aka Developer Previews) to make sure all major issues submitted before the final release.


5. "ConstraintLayout, Inside and Out"

Dave Smith, Wireless Designs, LLC.

I think it's my favorite talk of the conference. That's funny because I can't say that I'm "UI Person" or something.

"So many articles about ConstraintLayout, I must try it sometime soon" I was saying to myself for months and now, after this talk, I definitely will!

Structure of the talk and all the details Dave was going into were so good, that I'm not sure ConstraintLayout developers could make it better 😅. Definitely wait for the video of this one.


6. "Lightning fast Android builds with Gradle + Buck"

From Gautam Korlam, Uber.

This talk did not cover Buck itself, but it did cover OkBuck which is a plugin for Gradle that converts your Android Gradle project to Buck project automatically so then you can build your project using Buck and do it fast, I mean, really fast: seconds instead of minutes, minutes instead of tens of minutes.

Definitely worth to watch if you're using Java (w/ or w/o Retrolambda) in your Android project and want fast builds today.


7. "Practical GraphQL for Android"

From Kevin Schultz, Facebook.

Basically, GraphQL is a better future after some REST and Kevin did prove that with examples. Definitely wait for a video.

// I was using Facebook's GraphQL API but this talk shown me that it's not Facebook-only solution and you can actually apply it to almost any existing backend API or build one from scratch and let clients select what data they want to query/update in a type-safe and efficient manner.


8. "Decoding the Secrets of Binary Data"

From Jesse Wilson, Square, Inc.

History of transferring data, from letters to UTF-8 emojis 🍩: how information is encoded and why it's not that hard as it looks like from our view which is like 8 layers above. Wait for the video, grab popcorn & enjoy!


9. "Embracing SQL Without Abstraction"

From Alec Strong, Square, Inc.

Why abstracting away from SQL is actually not a great idea, how did they reverse abstraction and built tools to embrace writing SQL and binding code to it instead of doing vice versa.


Thanks everybody for the conference!

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