2019 BMW R9T Radiator Guard Install

Table of Contents


  • Radiator Guard
  • T27 Torx Bit
  • Driver/Wrench Extender to reach the left bolt (it's a bit tight)
  • Wipe to avoid scratching the Torx bolt


  • Do the job on your own risk, I'm not responsible for the outcome on your end.
  • Radiator can be hot if you just recently cut the engine off, make sure it's cool before you start the job.

Radiator Guard

There are many overly expensive options (BMW, sigh…). However, I was able to find this nice radiator guard on Ebay for $26 USD which is on point. I wish there was one at same price without any writings on it, but well.

It comes without screws (you'll mount it on top of OEM radiator bolts), however it does come with two stickable foam tapes to prevent guard from making noise on bumpy road.



  1. Use foam tape that came with the guard and put it on the guard where you think you need it
    • Note that I have some doubts about that foam. I'm afraid it can melt when radiator gets hot, so I used very little of it (I've cut it with scissors)
  2. Detach one of the radiator bolts
  3. Now be careful not to drop the radiator when you detach the second bolt
  4. Put the guard on and use bolts to hold it

Photos Before

Photos After

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